Note Comparison insurance before buying a used car

There is a wide range of considerations why Someone MORE choose Buying a used car Rather than a new car . On the price side Yang 's MUCH , IN A factor Specific types and brands Also specify.

In fact , There Is some used cars Of Class And Certain brands have a machine QUALITY MORE ' recalcitrant ' Than The latest car . Minuses, besides Definitely Needs Many Improvements include fees for review , used cars for sale Sparsely furnished WITH Yang Insurance . THEREFORE , Andari Yang intends Buying a used car Important Also do COMPARATIVE used car insurance to complete the review Andari WITH Vehicle Insurance .
Note Comparison insurance before buying a used car

How to Conduct Used Car Insurance Comparison

There are several HAL Need Andari look hearts comparing the used car insurance :

1. Price and Age Car

The condition of a new or used car is not taken into consideration setting premiums. But usually, the more expensive the car and getting older, the insurance rate will be more expensive.

2. Policy Can not Be Behind the Name

The insurance policy for used cars are generally not transferable. That is, if your used car is equipped with insurance, and you want to sell, you should immediately report to the insurer. Due to some vehicle insurance products, if this is done, you can get the cancellation policy and refund premiums if you have never done a claim

3. Note Factor Over and Under Insured Insured

You can apply for the insurance coverage above the market price for acquiring the sum insured is larger (over insured). On the other hand, if you want to get cheaper premiums, you can apply for the insurance coverage below the market price (under insured). Consequently, the value of the coverage you received for your car will be smaller.

Compare Before Choosing Car Insurance

As with any new car, you can also choose between all risk insurance or Total Loss Only (TLO) for your used car. Most used cars are usually the target of target of thieves because it is easy to sell and vulnerable often damaged due to aging machinery.

If the age of the used car you are still under 5 years old. Instead, select the type of all risk insurance to alleviate the cost of repairs. Understandably, though only minor damage but if it must often brought to the workshop will drain the contents of your pockets.

If your used car has passed the age of 5 years, you could switch to a type of insurance TLO. This type of insurance has a lower premium costs so they can save on your expenses.

Do not forget to add coverage extension both when choosing an insurance all risk and TLO. The expansion eg for flood conditions, natural disasters, up to the insured third party.

The most important thing while having a used car is that you must diligently perform routine maintenance. Such as changing the oil regularly to check the condition of vehicle spare parts. Note also the intensity of use and the distance to be traversed, because the car is used for high activity is more vulnerable to damage. Make sure your car is roadworthy before using it.

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