[ Raja Premi ] Best Car Insurance with premiums Cheapest

Accidents are things that most would like to avoid anyone, including motorists. But sometimes the fate of the other said. Either you are inattentive either the victim, not least the cost that you have to spend on car repairs and medical costs. If you have an insurance policy, you can move risk to bear these costs to the insurance company! Therefore, you MANDATORY have car insurance.

[ Raja Premi ] Best Car Insurance with premiums Cheapest

Generally, the type of All Risk insurance costs more expensive than TLO because of differences in the protection obtained. If you buy insurance all risk types and your car is stolen or damaged, you will still get compensation but if Andamembeli TLO types of insurance and your car scratches or dents, then no compensation at all. Therefore, we would recommend the type of All Risk insurance. Keep in mind, the insurance premium for used cars are generally higher than new car insurance.

General conditions:

  • Age over 17 years
  • got a driver's license and vehicle registration

Documents to be prepared:

  • photocopy of identity card, driving license, and vehicle registration
  • The original photograph vehicles

The size of the premium is determined by three factors, namely the type of collateral (All Risk / TLO), vehicle type, and vehicle price. Generally, the more expensive your car is, the higher the insurance premiums. But you need not worry because insurance premiums for cars and other motor vehicles are only paid once per year.

The premium is the amount of money to be paid as a liability of the insured for its involvement in insurance.

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