Car Insurance Comparison with some , and proved

Many are of the opinion that insurance is expensive, more often percumanya, and its profit - profit. This led to the neglect and rejection of insurance. About expensive, I do not agree with this statement. That's because those considering or not considering the things that are relative. For example, when I consider the mobile phone as a means of conventional communications, I am quite satisfied with the features of the phone and sms, then buy a smartphone that has many features in addition to phone and sms is a expensiveness. However, when I use most of the features - features that, that I feel the life and work helped me a lot with quite have a smartphone in hand, perhaps the price of a premium smartphone in the range of tens of millions become too expensive. Figures tens of millions have transformed from "an expensive price" to "appropriate price". So also with insurance. In my opinion, the insurance is not expensive, but cheap. Loh, how come cheap? Yes, because compared to the benefits that will be received at a later date, the actual premiums paid her the amount is not much.

About the insured was useless because it tends not to be used, and is profitable - profits, it's simply not true. For this, I would make the car as an example, focusing on features - safety and security features embedded in the car - car price ranges approaching or above 200 million. Cars - cars below this price, also has a feature - specific safety and security features, and features - these features must also exist in cars that are more expensive. So it is appropriate that I demonstrated the car price ranges approaching or above 200 million. I also do not skewed in one particular brand, because in general the climate of national automotive competition is pretty tight right now, the average - average brand features - safety and security features that are almost the same, if the price is almost the same range. If the next example I mentioned the term - a term automotive technologies that lead to a particular brand, it just happened lately if I were more familiar to the term - the term.

Let's see compare one by one

  • G-CON technology ACE

The first safety feature that we discussed, the body frame structure technology. ACE G-CON is a feature commonly used in the body of the cars off the road, which then adopted the non passenger cars off the road. ACE is a calculation method frame structure to absorb and distribute the force that occurred during a collision (collision). The end goal is to minimize the effects of shock that felt by the driver and the pedestrian / pedestrian (if the case collided people). While the G-CON is a method of testing the ability of the framework to distribute the collision. ACE vehicle who adopts, it must pass the test G-CON. G-CON test in more detail in real time of the accident virtualization state, supposedly even better than the system that is applied by the Japanese government.
  • Braking System ABS + EBD

Features advanced braking ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) to prevent the wheels locking during emergency braking, and EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), which distributes the braking function in accordance with the weight of the vehicle. When there is a sudden braking, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents the tire was locked, so the driver can steer the vehicle speed safely. EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) to optimize the distribution of braking force between the front and rear tires, depending on the vehicle loading conditions.

  • Side Impact Beam

Side impact beams are steel frame mounted on the door . Features Side Impact This beam serves to hold the concussion that occurs from the side. So for example an accident or a severe concussion from the side , at least passengers can still be saved with this feature .
  • Dual Front SRS Airbags

Two air bags capable of providing protection for the driver and passengers in the front. When a collision occurs , the airbag will terkembang automatically to reduce the risk of injury to the head and chest .
  • Seatbelt pretensioners with Load Limiter

When a collision loud , Prestensioner Seatbelt be tightened so that the body remains in position and prevent the movement of your chest forward . Load Limiter function while reducing the excessive pressure and prevent injury to the chest while ensuring the position of the body falls on the airbag inflates 

  • ISOFIX & Tether

This is a feature that serves to hook the baby seat in the back seat of vehicles in support safety .
Advanced Technology Auto Leveling Light
Features that adjust the angle of the beam headlamps according to the state up or down the slope / derivative , automatically light irradiation angle to be adjusted

So clearly , their safety and security features decent car is a necessity . It is our protection when traveling . And protection of the same nature , we need to do well in the course of our lives and families . Never again think that insurance is expensive , tend not required, and profit - profit . I think , a car that is not equipped with safety and security features are decent and driven on the street , it is the very act that profit - profit . Not vice versa.
When we have the capability of insured and we ignore it , as now, a speculative move that could hurt later

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