Immobilizer for the security of your car

Immobilizer for the security of your car
The existence of these features may reduce the occurrence of car theft . For Immobilizer feature works by matching the electronic key code , so if someone tries to start the engine with the key or contact is not genuine then the car engine itself will not light.

Well, quite a lot is not it? Everything that comes from research and development of technologies intended for the safety and security of the car. We can see that many things are very considered in designing a car that involves the safety and security of its users. By immersing a number of advanced features, which some regarding the possibility of accidents, not at all meant that accidents may happen or just happened ... but rather is intended to protect the passenger car when the accident occurred. All passengers must have hoped would never once involved in a car accident of any kind, in any accident level, whether it be a minor accident or even fatal.
Features - kesemalatan and security features that would have cost, both at the time of the research, development, and production. 100% of the amount of money paid when purchasing a new car, some of the money run to features - safety and security features on top. What percentage of the price of a new car, maybe just the manufacturer who know exactly. But in terms of technology and the importance of feature functionality - safety and security features when needed, I think the amount of money is not bad. Features - safety and security features of the car is also in line with the price of the car, the more expensive the car, the more complete and sophisticated is also a feature - safety and security features embedded in the car.
Until it happened, no one could have guessed, people - the rich and famous who were at the height of his career could even dies suddenly. A lot of money can not make you immune to risk. But the wisdom you manage the money you have, for the most part used to buy protection / insurance protection, show that you really know which ones should be prioritized. Accidents can happen to arrive - suddenly, just like that. On the street, although we've always careful - careful and always obey the rules, due to natural conditions or caused by another careless, we may be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Do accident is bound to happen? No, the accident might not happen. Then if the features - safety and security features car becomes unimportant and can be ignored? Do mounting features - safety and security features of the car is worth - it and its profit - profit? I strongly believe all, if it was your car, you and your family dear often are in it, you want features - safety and security features are best installed in your car.

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